What Happens If ...

  • Your Dealership Sells A Vehicle To A Customer On The Government’s BLOCKED PERSON LIST?
  • Your Dealership Sells A Vehicle To Identity Thief?
  • Your Dealership Employee Calls A Person On The National Do Not Call Registry?

If You Haven’t Invested In Formal Staff Training,
It Could Mean Millions In Fines And A Possible
Federal Prison Term For The Dealer!

What Kind of Defense Can You Offer?

Dealership litigation usually revolves around one question:

Did the dealer do everything within reason to prevent this violation from occurring?

What you can prove in the way of your compliance, can be the difference between a warning, millions in fines and penalties, and yes, even a federal prison term for a dealer.

Your Best Defense ...

Many laws contain what is called “safe harbor”, reserved for those dealers who have performed required compliance elements.

When a dealer performs the required compliance, legal counsel then has the ability to invoke a “bona fide error” defense – long proven to be the most effective defense in these situations.

Co-developed by automotive attorney, James B. Riverbark, Esq., DealerCompUSA brings the most complete compliance solution directly to your dealership 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- at an affordable price.

We document and archive all dealership staff training activity to provide you the proof you need in the event of an inadvertent violation, or an illegal act by an employee.