North Carolina automotive attorney, Jim Rivenbark, has represented dealers throughout the United States for over 30 years. What began as a corporate practice for automotive dealers has evolved into successfully representing dealers against manufacturers in State Courts, negotiating for dealer clients in the purchase or marketing of their dealership, and because of the litigious environment now in the industry, providing required dealership compliance training.

His On-Demand Dealership Compliance Training is designed specifically to provide a fundamental legal defense strategy for dealer clients against compliance violations, or the unfortunate illegal actions of a rogue employee, all of which could lead to huge government fines, and/or civil and class actions visited upon the dealer. All of Jim Rivenbark's training presentations, sales agreements and compliance documentation were designed to fulfill all required "Due Diligence" mandated through the onslaught of new federal laws now on the books and directed at automotive dealers.


For over 25 years, Larry White, has aided dealers as an independent consultant in such areas as sales, F&I and legal compliance with dealer clients ranging from small town applications to large chain operations. As a Certified Compliance Administrator, he joined forces with Jim Rivenbark in 2003 to help create DealerCompUSA, LLC, which in itself has evolved into the most comprehensive and affordable compliance due diligence product available to dealers.

Recognized throughout the industry as an expert in compliance matters and dealership documentation, White's opinion has been sought out by many attorneys regarding their own dealer client's liability concerning federal compliance matters.